TIMES Program


The TIMES Program is designed for international students looking to pursue higher education degrees offered at universities and colleges in Australia. The combined General English (GE), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and vocational diploma programs offer students the opportunity to reduce the duration of study required (through recognition of prior learning and articulation) to obtain a Bachelor qualification.

  • The TIMES Program will be run by a local partner institution, students may share and enjoy all facilities and resources of the local partner, such as campus facilities and other educational resources.
  • The TIMES Program replicates an Australian learning environment as there will be Australian professional trainers teaching in person, and as such, students should have no language barriers when they come to study in Australia.
  • When student’s’ academic research ability and other comprehensive qualities have improved, they may have the opportunity of credit transfer and directly enrolment into undergraduate and graduate courses following completion of the TIMES Program, which means they may finish a Bachelor degree in less time.
  • Times Education will assist its students with the preparation of visa application materials, and recommend licensed education and migration agents to assist students with applying for university programs.


The TIMES Program consists of 6 months (equivalent to 24 weeks) of English (3 months GE and 3 months EAP 1) and 12 months (equivalent to 36 weeks) of a diploma course. The full length of the TIMES Program is 1.5 years. The weekly face to face contact is approximately 20 hours. Ideally when students complete the TIMES Program, they may progress directly to second year of an Australian or overseas bachelor program (with 4-­8 subjects exempted in the first year, depending on each university’s requirements). At the diploma stage of the TIMES Program, students may choose one of six diploma courses from the following institutions:


Admission is open to all current/previous high school or college graduates.