Congrats to the winner – Nicolas Thong

CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLAS THONG ON THE 2022 NSW INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD – VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING! We proudly announce that our talented student, Chun Hean (Nicholas) Thong, won the awards yesterday. The ceremony was hosted in Luna Park, Sydney on Thursday 27 October 2022. Once again, congratulate Nicolas Thong 

Chun Hean (Nicholas) Thong (Malaysia)

Wells International College

Chun Hean (Nicholas) Thong is a Malaysian student at Wells International College studying

a Diploma of Hospitality Management.

Nicholas has demonstrated his leadership skills and eagerness to make the lives of those around him easier by arriving to class early to help the trainer set up the kitchen, staying back late to pack up after class, and actively helping other students initiate their careers. Nicholas’ extensive knowledge and previous experience in Malaysia have allowed him to provide valuable feedback to the college to improve customer service and kitchen workflow.

Nicholas hopes to open his own business and is currently working on a project that aims to connect restaurants to the community by providing local charities with excess food from hospitality venues.

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