What is EduAIR

EduAir is the latest innovation from Times Education, a prominent and respected name in Australian International Education, but it is more than an online learning platform. EduAir provides a single point of contact for international and Australian Vocational Education and Training students to attend classes with live teachers, remotely as well as in class. Using EduAir, students can also access their results, academic transcripts, and other vital records. They can also view and evaluate pathway opportunities and undertake micro-credentials to get them where they need to be in their learning journey.

Should they elect to, students may also be matched with employers who are hiring in their field of expertise making the transition to employment a smooth one.

The Features of EduAIR

  • Talent Acquistion
  • We’re experts in education
  • Our world-class learning platform
  • Real outcomes for real students
  • Flexible learning
  • We cater to students from Australia and international markets