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Regardless of your results, Times Education is your pathway to university. Times Education diplomas can guarantee you direct entry into the second year of your chosen bachelor’s degree at our University Partners, opening new doors for your future self.

Guaranteed pathway to university

Times Education Colleges offer you guaranteed entry directly into the second year of your degree at our university partners

No ATAR needed

Our entry offers aren’t based on ATAR results, so you’re eligible to study with us regardless of your grades.

University preparation programs

Our programs to help you with skills including literacy, time management, self-directed learning, assignment preparation, and stress management ensure your success in studies here and beyond.

Flexible start times

Multiple intakes a year depending on the program chosen

High employer satisfaction

Our graduates have an employer satisfaction rating of 86.1%.

Save Money

Gain the accreditations you want with a lower tuition fee compare with Univeisities

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